Find out why people are raving about Snow Socks

They may look a little silly, but these are an effing lifesaver. I was among the few cars not sliding around SE Vancouver

Amanda Warwyk, News1130 Broadcaster

I've used my Classic Snow Socks 10 times already. I have a Ford Ranger, 4x4 with all season tires and live near Vancouver. Yes, I should have winter tires but I don't. Most years, we get maybe 2 or 3 days of snow then along comes spring and I don't think about tires again till the next winter. I carry chains but hate hate hate putting them on. With the Snow Sock, I pull over, two minutes later I'm on my way with all the traction I need for our urban, hilly, unploughed region.

Glenys Robison

I've tried it a couple of times a few days ago when there was during a snowfall. The first time I used them I just drove around fresh snow in the alleys behind my neighbor's houses. I was impressed.

The real test where I really needed the most is meeting my boss who recently moved our offices around the Kingsway and Imperial area in Burnaby. In that area, the altitude is higher resulting in more snow, but that particular location was in an industrial area where not only the snow was deeper but not as well traveled by other cars because of the holidays. No car or Non SUV without snowtires would last no more than a few feet in that environment. I'm very glad to say that those snow socks made me keep my appointment on time. It cuts through the snow like a hot knife through butter. Uphill or downhill it didn't matter. I had so fun driving in that snow, I went through other untraveled areas and had a blast. What really amused me is that I saw other cars in the distance trying to get to the same street I was from Kingsway but had to turn away when they saw how much snow they had to deal with.

Johnny Choy

We used our snow socks yesterday up the local mountain and found them easy to put on and then made it up the hill without slipping and sliding! Many other drivers were interested and asking where we got them.

Bev Craig

Thank you snow socks for getting me up 7Km of icy road

Sherry Hallson

Unbelievable! A 4x4 took 5 attempts to make it up while I put socks on, I made it up without a hiccup, and ten plowed the top 3” off grauman road due to low clearance! Crazy, the snow world will never be the same

Installing them took me 1 min each side approx. The garter that was used was really nice and snug! I shall share the video later! Stay warm and stay safe guys!

Marco Bejasa

These puppies helped me out large not being able to get out of my driveway this morning. Easy to put on and take off, and they got me unstuck first go! The only thing I had to figure out was where to put the wet socks in my car after taking them off. Maybe including a larger plastic bag to put them in until you can reach a place to hang them to dry?

Sheldon Walters

Finally put some socks on Frankie (my car) to get out of my alley. They worked like a charm. Glad I had them in his trunk.

Bieta Karimi

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