QHow do I locate my tire size?

You can easily locate your tire size by looking at your tires themselves. There will be three sequences of numbers and a letter or two. For instance 225/50/18R. Your tire size should also be available by reading your owner’s manual or ‘searching’ your vehicle model and year online.

QI now know my tire size, so what size of snowsock do I need?

See the chart above to find your tire size which will correspond with a particular snow sock size (i.e. 54, 58, 62, 66 etc.) or click here to see the chart.

QI can’t decide between the Classic and the Super. Which should I choose?

Choose the “Classic” if you’ve got an ‘everyday vehicle’ and are only worried about using rarely for emergency situations. Choose the “Super” if you may use the snow sock more often (but only sparingly on bare asphalt and never above 50 km/h) or if you have fancy brakes or a high performance vehicle. When in doubt, buy the Super.

QAre Snow Socks considered comparable in performance to chains?

Snow Socks have been approved for use in areas of Canada including BC! They are even approved for commercial trucks and vehicles.

QHow fast can I go?

Our suggested maximum speed rating is 50km/h.

QDo they work with all-wheel drive vehicles?

Yes Snow Socks work with all-wheel drive vehicles. Although you may obtain sufficient traction on the two tires which have the most power going to them (i.e. front or back) , we recommend the use of two pairs of snow socks (for all four tires) for the best traction control.

QWhere can I buy?

Soon to be available at your local retailer. In the meantime, while we set up our distribution network, please purchase online here.

QHow many Snow Socks are included in one package?

Each package contains two snow socks for two of your tires which are generally for the rear tires for rear wheel drive and front tires for front wheel drive. For four wheel drive vehicles we recommend four socks (two pairs) for your front and rear tires.

QHow long do they last?

This depends on usage. We recommend the “Classic” sock for infrequent use and the “Super” for more frequent use. If used sparingly for emergency situations on snow/ice without exposed asphalt you can expect the Classic socks to last for several seasons. Choose the Super if you feel you will need the socks more often or if there will be any incidental contact with bare asphalt.

QWhat are they made of?

The product is manufactured in Spain which is known for high quality textiles. The product is made of a proprietary polyolefin textile designed for skid resistance in both ice and snow.

QHow easy are the socks to put on?

In general the socks are easy to put on and should take less than 5 minutes to apply. We do recommend you ‘practice’ putting the sock on per our guidelines prior to use to ensure the fit is correct and that you are comfortable putting on when the time arises.

QIs there anything else I should know about installation?

Make sure your vehicle is parked and that the emergency brake is on. Do not install on slopes and ensure you are installing in a safe place where you are visible to other drivers. Wear very tight fitting gloves when putting them on or use the plastic gloves provided.

QBut I’m a senior. How easy is this really going to be to put on?

This depends on your physical health, however, it is a general consensus that these socks are significantly easier to apply than chains and certainly better to have than not to provide additional safety in the event of unexpected snow and ice.

QWhen should I use my Snowsocks?

Snowsocks are meant for emergency use on roads with snow or ice on them to allow your vehicle to gain better traction. These are not for use on bare or wet asphalt, where, if exposed, they might tear or become damaged. If you have the “Classic” snowsock, you should put them on to help you get out of your snow/ice covered road conditions, your driveway or parking lot/ramp etc. and keep them on until you get to the major routes where the roads may have been cleared. If the main roads are clear, you should pull aside and remove your snowsocks.

With the “Super” snowsock you will be able to drive on cleared roads for short periods of time. Therefore, if you suspect you will be back on a snow or icy side road or a steep hill soon after turning on to a clear road, you will be able to keep your snowsocks on your tires for short periods of intermittent snow/ice and asphalt.

In any case you should not exceed the maximum speed of 50 Km/hr and for best results we recommend a speed of less than 40 Km/hr.

QCan I use the Snow Socks with Alloy Rims?

Yes. The snow sock textile will not damage your rims.

QWhat do I do after I’ve used them?

As they may be wet and dirty, place them back in the bag they come in (or a garbage bag) temporarily and then hang them to dry when you get to your destination. Gloves are provided. When dry, make sure to put them back in the car!

QDo the snow socks come in commercial vehicle sizes?

Yes. Our “Super” Snow Socks come in larger sizes suitable for your commercial vehicle. We do, however, recommend commercial vehicles carry both the snow sock and regular metal chains. Although snow socks are approved in most areas for use on commercial vehicles, we have received some feedback that extremely steep hills may still require chains for large trucks. Use the Super Snow Stock for faster application for most areas and to gain a comfort level with where the snow socks work well for you and where you feel metal chains may work better. To order these simply order a “Commercial Size” sock from the Buy Now menu and in the comment area, put your tire size. We will locate the right size for your vehicle and ship to you within 5-10 business days.

QAre your snow socks machine washable?

Yes they are. Wash on a cold, delicate setting with a mild detergent. Hang to dry.