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Canadian Roads

Fabric based alternative to chains

  • Easily install at the road
    side - no tools needed

    Easy to install snow socks
  • Made in Spain
    leaders in textile

    Snow Sock Manufacturer
  • Patented woven design
    give extra traction on ice
    and snow

    Tire traction on ice and snow
  • 3D braiding that gives
    better grip in deep snow

    Snow Sock 3D Braiding
Fabric Snow Socks
  • Snow Socks for winter driving

    Speed rated for up to 50 kph
    - faster than chains

  • Smooth driving with Snow Socks

    Smoother ride and less
    than bulk chains

  • Fabric Snow Socks

    Fabric Snow Socks won't damage the road

  • Easy Snow Sock storage

    Easily store in trunk

Watch SnowSocks in action

These textile tire chains, or tire socks, offer a solution that does no damage to wheels or tires and are easy to install. The technology lies in removing excess water between your tires and snow and increasing the contact surface.

No more spinning tires!

Snow Socks offer amazing traction. Your vehicle's tires grip the snow which allows you to get up to speed and moving safely.

Driving on snow with Snow Socks

58 feet to get up to 32 kph

  • Up to speed sooner
  • Great grip
  • Better control
  • Minimal skidding
Regular Tires
Driving on snow without Snow Socks

73 feet to get up to 32 kph

  • Poor grip
  • Spinning tires
  • Skidding

So easy to install

No need to hoist up your car to install Snow Socks.
Install Snow Socks only when you need them, wherever you are!

Easy Snow Sock Installation

Easily stretch the snow sock
over the top of the tire

Insatllation of Snow Sock

Move your vehicle forward. Stretch the
snow sock over the rest of the tire.

Want to see how it's done?

Watch a demonstration video created by two of our loyal customers and now ambassadors!